Home Appraisal Tips

A home appraisal is one of the earliest steps in the home-selling process. Most lenders require an assessment from an FHA-approved home appraiser, who will determine the perceived value of the home in question. As a seller, you’ll want to stay informed about the home-appraisal process and maybe even help the appraiser to ensure the job is finished on time. Here are our top home appraisal tips for sellers today:

Our Top Home Appraisal Tips for Sellers

Most of us don’t actively prepare for a home appraisal. We receive a phone call with the date and time the appraiser will arrive, then we patiently wait. But with the right planning before your appraisal, you might end up with a better outcome.

  • Take some time to compile a list of recent repairs, renovations, and upgrades you’ve made to the home, including the dates completed and the total cost of each item. This information should be neatly packaged and hand-delivered to the appraiser at the time of the appointment.
  • Be pragmatic. Do not try to puff up your square footage by, say, counting the basement. The same goes for critical systems like the roof. If they require repair or replacement, be honest. The appraiser can tell.
  • Prepare your home for an appraisal. It’s a good idea to declutter, dust, and mop most rooms in the house. 
  • Take steps to keep pets away from the appraiser and out of the way.
  • Consider touching up the paint on the exterior of the home. An appraiser will factor in peeling paint during their evaluation.
  • Do not water the lawn or run the sprinkler system. Your appraiser’s job is to assess the house in its current condition, not to track mud inside. Plus, they’ll need to walk the property for measurements. That’s never fun in the mud.

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