Reasons to Sell Your House in Fredericksburg and Richmond, VA

There are many reasons why you may say “I need to sell my house” and in our near decade of working in the Northern Virginia community, we’ve heard them all.

  • We don’t want to pay up to 6% in realtor fees
  • We are worried selling will take too long and we don’t want to wait on buyers to come up with the funds
  • Our house has structural issues, such as foundation problems, or needs some cosmetic repairs that are too costly for us
  • We are trying to avoid a foreclosure
  • I am relocating for a new job and need to sell and move as quickly as possible
  • We live in an undesirable neighborhood
  • My house is unattractive and I’m worried it’ll be hard to sell on my own without completing costly repairs and upgrades before selling
  • I need to downsize to a smaller home
  • I am retiring and need to move quickly
  • We inherited a home from family and need to sell asap
  • My partner and I are recently unemployed and need to relocate to another state
  • I am behind on my bills and worried I may lose my home
  • And so much more…