We Buy Houses Need Repairs in Fredericksburg and Richmond, VA

We Buy Unfinished Homes

At Home Buyers of Virginia, we specialize in buying homes that need work. The 5.8 magnitude earthquake that rocked our region in 2011 damaged many homes. In fact, we come across homes with foundation issues regularly. Don’t worry, we never shy away from a home that needs work. Our as-is, all-cash model will buy any home in any condition. Simply fill out the form on this site or contact us directly at 804-214-6410.

There are few things that can derail a home sale like a foundation issue. Foundation repairs can costs tens of thousands of dollars and most buyers will be scared at this repair. Further, most lenders won’t give a buyer a loan until any and all foundation issues have been fixed. That is why Home Buyers of Virginia, LLC is a great option for many with foundation issues.

Basements can also become severely damaged from a variety of things including soil, climate, plumbing leaks, poor soil compaction and inadequate foundation drainage and etc. Did you know that concrete slabs and pier and beam foundations can develop severe issues?

Need to Sell a Home With Foundation Damage? No Problem!

If you’re concerned about foundation damage the first step is to contact a good foundation repair contractor or engineer to inspect your concrete slab, pier or basement. An experienced professional should be able to pinpoint the source of your problem and stop the deterioration. Engineers generally costs $500 dollars with the average repairs for a slab, pier or basement running $10,000.

Here are some signs you might have an issue with your slab, pier or basement.

  • Do you see any cracks on your basement wall?
  • Horizontal cracks are generally a sign of major problems
  • Have you noticed any gaps in your foundation or brick exterior?
  • Is your house sinking? This could be a sign of shrink/swell dirt or other settlement issues.
  • Are you on a slab and it has moved upward on one end?
  • Do you have a lot of moisture in your area?
  • Do you have doors that suddenly started sticking when you open or close them?
  • Has your water bill been unusually high recently?
  • Have you noticed gaps along window frames?
  • Is your crawl space very damp, especially around piers?
  • Are you floors sagging or uneven?
  • Noticed cabinets separating from the wall?

Recognizing that your home as one of the largest investments you will ever make it is important to address these issues immediately. Home Buyers of Virginia LLC has a list of contractors and engineers we have worked with. We would be happy to provide that to you in the event you want to do the work yourself.

If you are looking for a fast and easy sale Home Buyers of Virginia LLC is your solution. We will buy your house with foundation issues in as little as three days. Contact us today for more information 804-214-6410.