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During a house sale, there are certain obligations that the house seller must recognize. So if you’re a homeowner and you’re asking, “what are the seller’s traditional obligations and how are they different when you sell my house fast Virginia?” then read on to know more.

As a homeowner who has plans to ‘sell my house fast Virginia’ without any complications you might want to consider other options than traditional agents. Traditional sales have their own complications, you give your potential buyer necessary information about the house they intend to buy and then home inspections confirm that information. This very important rule is usually applicable to sellers who choose to sell the traditional way but not with a cash home buyers, perfect if you want to sell my house fast Virginia.

Every city / state encourages sellers to disclose vital information about their homes to buyers. They’re obligated to do so as failure to comply can create problems like a lawsuit or having no buyers at all. Property disclosure laws, in this case, are different in various states, so you must seek legal advice and get more acquainted with your legal obligations as a seller.

However, in this guide, we’ll show you some of the stresses you avoid when using a cash home buyer.

Things To Know As The Seller

When it comes to the aspect of a seller’s obligations, it simply refers to the seller being legally bound and committed to do or carry out a task. In this case, the seller’s obligations are things a seller is supposed to do or share with a buyer concerning a house sale. Now, the question of the day is, “what are the seller’s obligations and what are the things required of the seller to carry out?” 

Here’s what you should know:

Seller’s Disclosure 

This is simply a statement that gives the seller the room to share information about the house in question that has been put up for sale. The seller’s property disclosure is a document that usually contains extensive information on the necessary details a buyer should know before they can go ahead to purchase the house and this can influence the house’s value during a real estate transaction.

On the other hand, cash home buyers do not require any obligation before they can buy your house and it does not affect the house sale process. It is, however, quite necessary when selling the traditional way.

Seller’s Obligations

A seller is obligated to ensure that the property disclosure law of the state is being followed. Without proper transparency on the part of the buyer, it can cause future complications that may be detrimental to the sale of the house. 

These disclosures a seller is obligated to share with the buyer include:

  • Repairs: This reveals areas in or around the house that have been repaired and areas in need of renovations.
  • Pest Problems: This reveals how the house is being affected by pests like rodents, bugs, etc.
  • Flood Hazards: This reveals how the house is being affected by the flood and how often it occurs.
  • Health Hazards: This disclosure reveals how potential occupants of the house might be affected by things like asbestos, radon and lead exposure, toxic chemicals, etc.
  • Bad Neighborhood: This tells more about the neighborhood and how prone it is to crime as well as how it can be dealt with.
  • Mechanical And Structural Defects: This is based on disclosures on property appliances, water systems, solar energy devices, roofing, sewer, etc. 

Others include: 

  • Zoning, leases, and easement.
  • Homeowners Association agreements. 
  • Nearby structures like dams.
  • Community Development Authority and others.

Be sure to seek more info from a state attorney to be sure you’ve disclosed all the necessary information.

There are also some tasks expected of the seller. They include: 

  • To work with the price of the house that has been agreed upon in the contract.
  • To clean up the house before the deal is closed and remove personal items and belongings except those that can be left in the house as stated by the contract.
  • To ensure you follow up with renovations or things you’ve promised to carry out as stated in the contract.

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