What Does It Mean When a House Gets Condemned

Your house is your house, right? So, why should anyone have any say in how it’s kept up or repaired? Well, there are certain issues that are considered to be public health issues. When a home has structural issues or internal issues that are extremely significant, it can become condemned. Usually, you’ll get a notice or warnings first. At that point, it’s on you to make sure that your property has been fixed.

Why Would a Property Get Condemned?

A property gets condemned when it is simply unsafe to live in. There are many things that can get a property condemned:

  • Unsanitary conditions. Often, this happens because an elderly individual lives alone for some time. Family members may not know how significant the problem is until they inherit the property.
  • Major structural failure. For example, a storm could blow a tree onto a roof. If that roof isn’t properly repaired, then the property could become condemned. Other issues include shifting foundations or termite damage.
  • Black mold. While mold toxicity is variable, black mold is generally a significant cause for concern. A lot of mold, when not properly remediated, will cause the property to be condemned until the mold has been dealt with.
  • Weather-related issues. If a home has been through a hurricane or tornado and suffered structural damage, it will likely need to be thoroughly inspected and repaired before it can be lived in.
  • Flooding damage. Flooding damage tends to be particularly dangerous because it leads to both structural problems and mold. Following a flood, it’s usually advisable for a house to go through a thorough repair process and inspection.

Once a property is condemned, it cannot be lived in until it is made safe. It can’t be rented out, and often, it can’t be sold. But there’s one exception: private cash home buying companies.

How Can You Get a Property Uncondemned?

To get a property restored, the issues that were listed when it was condemned need to be fixed in full. The house must be habitable. The house will need to undergo inspections to that extent.

Understandably, many people never get to this point. Imagine something like a foundation issue that’s so significant the house has to be knocked down. It’s really easier just to commit to knocking down the property or abandoning it altogether than trying to repair it.

If someone has a reason to try to reclaim a property, they can hire a professional remediation company. But it’s very likely to be an expensive process.

What Should You Do If Your Property Is Condemned?

Having a condemned property can feel like an insurmountable problem.

First, it’s very hard to sell a condemned property. Why? A bank won’t give out a mortgage for a property that can’t be lived in. Banks are very picky about the properties they lend money for. They want to make sure they can sell that property if the borrower is foreclosed on. 

Second, a condemned property may need tens of thousands of dollars or even hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of work. That’s a lot of work for a property, often more than it would cost to just buy a new home.

But there is an answer. Cash home buyers don’t need a mortgage. Buyers like Home Buyers of Virginia purchase homes in any condition and are able to purchase them in cash.

Do you have a condemned property you need to get rid of? Don’t worry; there’s help. Contact Home Buyers of Virginia today to find out more about what we can do for you.